Watch your revenues grow

Decrease customer service costs while increasing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency

Self-service lets you dramatically reduce operating costs

As finance executives, you are closely watching your balance sheets. Often times, you’re presented with an unpleasant choice between lower customer service costs and delivering customer delight. But not anymore. The Solvvy solution decreases operating costs while delivering a delightful customer experience and improves the operational efficiency for your business.

Key Value Drivers

Today support has become an integral part of consumer’s buying decision. Effortless self-service experience provided by Solvvy helps businesses drive brand loyalty and improve their bottom line. Lower ticket volume and fast case resolutions result in lower operating costs, thus higher savings and higher profitability. The Solvvy solution is easy to deploy and finance leaders are able to see immediate ROI (Return on Investment).

Grow Your Revenue

Improve Overall Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Decrease Operating Costs

Deploy Easily and Realize Immediate ROI

"Since launching Solvvy, we’re seeing a 12- 13% deflection rate for customer service inquiries. Our agents are handling more difficult cases now, not just copying and pasting information—so they’re improving too.”

Joe Wang, Director of Customer Support, Upwork

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self-service platform designed for the modern enterprise.

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    The cost Solvvy has saved businesses in 2017

How AI Will Revolutionize Customer Service

It’s imperative to stay on top of new innovation to increase your support operating efficiencies. Read the e-book to learn how artificial intelligence is impacting customer service today, and what support professionals should expect from AI this year and beyond!

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