How Solvvy Helps Every Industry Vertical

Scale and grow your business while creating delightful customer experiences

Turn on intelligent automation from Solvvy to deliver speed and consistency across all support channels

Whether you’re a marketplace or in the gaming space, whether you’re a product company or a SaaS company, whether you’re in Internet services, or for that matter, in subscription services, AI powered self-service from Solvvy can help you improve customer experiences across different industries.

Improve user engagement

You are in a competitive business environment and need to provide a great customer experience to keep your customers engaged. Solvvy can leverage your existing knowledge base to answer customer questions and immediately resolve their issues.

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Lower your shopping cart abandonment rates

Customer experience is one of the biggest drivers of brand loyalty. You can immediately answer your customers’ questions with Solvvy and provide a customer experience that will keep them coming back.

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Solvvy for easy user onboarding

In the cutthroat world of SaaS, your customers are constantly re-evaluating your service. With Solvvy, you can provide an effortless self-service experience to resolve their issues immediately and keep them using your offering without problems.

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Always-on automated support for your gamers

You don’t want your gamers running into issues that distract their gameplay. Keep gamers engaged by immediately answering their questions with Solvvy’s effortless self-service.

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Drive brand loyalty with effortless self-service

Consumers want immediate answers and resolutions to their questions and issues. Solvvy is always accessible and can provide effortless self-service for your customers anytime, anywhere.

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Provide immediate answers to pressing questions

Customers love subscription services, but they also have high expectations when it comes to customer service. Just as your deliveries delight your customers, Solvvy can delight them by immediately solving their issues and providing an amazing self-service experience.

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Trusted by the world’s leading brands for delivering exceptional customer experiences

“Solvvy is great for improving First Contact Resolution because it gives our customers fast, reliable and accurate answers. We are beating our goals.”

Yael McCue, Customer Support Leader

The only
self-service platform designed for the modern enterprise.

  • Years


    The time Solvvy has saved end users to date

  • Minute


    Average resolution time on Solvvy

  • Decrease


    Decrease in “average time to resolution” support cases

  • Million


    Number of users that Solvvy supports

4 Secrets to Master the Art of Self-Service

As you juggle competing priorities like retaining your top talent, reducing ticket volume and driving cost savings all while increasing NPS and CSAT scores, you want to leverage the power of self-service to hit your top KPIs. Watch our 30-minute on-demand webinar to learn about the key self-service metrics, how to reduce ticket volume, fill crucial gaps in your knowledge base and the more.

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