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Don’t let common issues interrupt gameplay

Provide round-the-clock support to your gamers with Solvvy’s intelligent automation

Gaming companies strive to capture the attention of the gamers at the time of launch and keep them engaged to drive brand loyalty. If your gamers run into issues, they are looking for instant resolutions so that they can resume gameplay. The good news is that Solvvy is able to service frequently asked questions around activation, game downloads, operating system compatibility and even cancellations.

Key Value Drivers

Automated self-service from Solvvy provides fast and accurate answers to your gamers’ questions anytime, anywhere. This significantly drives up their engagement levels and turns them into power users and brand advocates. As a gaming company, you are often challenged by increasing volume of support requests. Solvvy helps you scale your support needs by taking care of the frequently asked questions.

Drive User Engagement with “Always-on” Gamer Support

Scale Customer Service with Intelligent Automation

Reduce Support Costs

Turn Your Power Gamers into Brand Advocates

“Meeting our 5-minute response promise is really, really hard. With so many moving pieces, we looked to Solvvy as a way to buffer against spikes in ticket volume. We were surprised at the deflection rate we got—it was much higher than we expected.”

Morgan Wood, Head of Customer Happiness, GoFundM

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self-service platform designed for the modern enterprise.

  • Years


    The time Solvvy has saved end users to date

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    Average resolution time on Solvvy

  • Decrease


    Decrease in “average time to resolution” support cases

  • Million


    Number of users that Solvvy supports

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