Deliver on all your key customer service metrics with effortless self-service

Provide fast, accurate and consistent answers to customer questions across all support channels

Improve your CSAT, CES and FCR scores with intelligent automation

Selling to consumers involves an “always-on” and an “omnichannel” approach. You need to be able to provide customer service to them anytime, anywhere. Speed and consistency across different channels is of the essence here. Intelligent self-service from Solvvy can help deliver both.

Key Value Drivers

Solvvy leverages your knowledge base and ticket history to instantly answer customer questions and resolve incoming support requests. It equips you with the ability to provide instant resolutions to your customers across all support channels be it chat, mobile or web. With Solvvy, you can expect to reduce your support ticket volume by 15-20% overnight. This “always-on” and an “omnichannel approach” helps you rock your key support metrics such as CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), CES (Customer Effort Score) and FCR (First Contact Resolution).

Provide Fast Case Resolutions

Reduce Ticket Volume

Deliver Intelligent Self-Service Anytime, Anywhere

Improve Key Support Metrics such as CSAT, FCR and CES

“Providing an immediate answer always trumps speaking with a person, especially if the issue can be solved right there. We’re seeing a 25% self-service rate with Solvvy—outperforming what we’d expected.”

Jason Katz, Senior Manager Member Support, Peloton

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self-service platform designed for the modern enterprise.

  • Years


    The time Solvvy has saved end users to date

  • Minute


    Average resolution time on Solvvy

  • Decrease


    Decrease in “average time to resolution” support cases

  • Million


    Number of users that Solvvy supports

Proven Support Strategies to Keep CSAT High

Produced by Solvvy in collaboration with FCR, Shinesty and TaskRabbit, this eBook highlights the importance of user feedback, role of support leaders, characteristics of successful organizations, advantages of intelligent self-service and key support metrics. It also shares the proven methodologies to equip support leaders with the expertise to keep their CSAT high.

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