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Better answers for your customers. Dramatic gains for your business. Delivered by sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Meet Solvvy

Powered by artificial intelligence at its core, Solvvy is reimagining customer service by unlocking the power of your enterprise knowledge. Solvvy answers common customer questions by tapping into your knowledge base and ticket history and learning from prior customer interactions.

Solvvy provides immediate resolutions to customers, reduces ticket volume and drives operational efficiencies. This helps you hit on all your key support metrics by improving customer experience and reducing support costs


Solvvy’s Machine Learning Helps Answer Customer Support Questions

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The Right Solution for You

  • Support

    Today, support professionals are faced with the triple challenge of increasing volume of support requests, soaring support costs and rising customer expectations. Intelligent self-service from Solvvy helps address all three by delivering fast, accurate and concise answers anytime, anywhere.

  • Customer Experience

    Solvvy lets you create delightful customer experiences by delivering speed and consistency across all support channels be it web, mobile or chat.

  • Finance

    As a finance leader, you are closely watching your bottom line. Intelligent automation from Solvvy delivers a strong return on investment by immediately improving agent productivity and operational efficiency while delivering a delightful customer experience.

  • B2C

    Solvvy’s intelligent service automation makes selling to and supporting consumers easier than ever by answering their questions anytime, anywhere.

  • B2B

    When you’re selling to businesses, the issues arising are more complex in nature and require greater communication. Solvvy’s self-service platform resolves routine tickets and makes your help centers more productive by letting agents focus on the more critical issues.

  • B2D

    Selling to developers requires solid technical expertise. Intelligent automation from Solvvy is able to self-service the routine tickets, thus freeing up critical resources to attend to high-value tickets.

  • Internet and Consumer Services

    Intelligent self-service from Solvvy improves user engagement and satisfaction by providing immediate answers to your user’s pressing questions anytime, anywhere.

  • E-Commerce and Marketplaces

    Solvvy drives down shopping cart abandonment rates by empowering users to complete their transactions. Solvvy rapidly answers the common user questions during the purchase cycle.

  • SaaS

    Solvvy helps onboarding customers and streamlines support processes with its always-on and omnichannel approach to customer service

  • Gaming

    Solvvy keeps gamers engaged and coming back by immediately resolving their issues and answering their questions, so they can resume their game play.

  • Consumer Products

    Solvvy drives repeat purchases and positive word of mouth by providing concise and relevant answers and immediate resolutions to customers at the time of their need.

  • Subscription Services

    Solvvy helps subscription businesses scale and grow through intelligent automation of customer support.

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