How Solvvy Helps Every Business Type

Create delightful customer experiences while reducing costs for the enterprise

Turn your customers into brand advocates with effortless self-service

Whether you’re selling your products and services to businesses, consumers or developers, intelligent self-service can help you answer customer questions in the fastest, and the most relevant and accurate manner.

Deliver fast, accurate and consistent answers to your customers

Today’s consumers demand anytime anywhere service on the channel of their choice. Solvvy’s intelligent solution can provide effortless self-service on any channel. With Solvvy, you can deliver always-on service and delight customers with immediate resolutions and a great customer experience.

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Let your support staff focus on higher-value tickets while Solvvy handles the routine ones

Business customers expect immediate response when issues arise. Their support cases are usually more complicated and require more time and attention from your agents. Solvvy reduces the ticket volume routed to your agents by immediately resolving repetitive tickets and allowing them to focus on more critical issues and be more productive.

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Let your resources focus on critical issues and leave the rest to Solvvy

Your customer service team needs to be highly technical to be able to provide support to developers. These valuable resources who are highly knowledgeable about your product need to focus on critical issues and fostering deeper relationships with your customers. Solvvy’s machine-learning algorithm can leverage your existing knowledge base to answer routine questions and identify gaps in your knowledge base.

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Trusted by the world’s leading brands for delivering exceptional customer experiences

“Solvvy gives customers a better experience that saves them time. With Solvvy, we deflect over 10% of our tickets. The cost savings is significant and now we have additional budget to invest elsewhere”

Joe Wang, Director of Customer Support, Upwork

The only
self-service platform designed for the modern enterprise.

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    The average self-service resolution rate for Solvvy customers

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    Number of users that Solvvy supports

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    Those who think companies deliver "superior" customer service

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    3 in 5 consumers would try a new brand or company for a better service experience

4 Secrets to Master the Art of Self-Service

As you juggle competing priorities like retaining your top talent, reducing ticket volume and driving cost savings all while increasing NPS and CSAT scores, you want to leverage the power of self-service to hit your top KPIs. Watch our 30-minute on-demand webinar to learn about the key self-service metrics, how to reduce ticket volume, fill crucial gaps in your knowledge base and the more.

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