Drive repeat purchases by creating delightful customer experiences

Deliver operational efficiencies while providing fast case resolutions

Use intelligent self-service to turn your users into brand advocates

When you’re selling to consumers, word of mouth, repeat purchases and customer satisfaction are very important. Whether it is a question pertaining to product features, shipment, cancellation or a refund, the end users demand their answers in a timely fashion and Solvvy is adequately equipped to provide effortless customer service.

Key Value Drivers

Solvvy is able to self-service a lot of common customer questions around product, how-tos, cancellations and more. This results in a huge reduction in support requests that get passed on to your agents. By providing fast answers across multiple support channels, you are able to improve your key support metrics like customer satisfaction ratings and customer effort score. You can look forward to immediate cost savings, productivity gains, improved bottom lines and happy customers.

Reduce Ticket Volume

Improve CSAT and CES Scores

Achieve Cost Savings

Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates

“Providing an immediate answer always trumps speaking with a person, especially if the issue can be solved right there. We’re seeing a 25% self-service rate with Solvvy—outperforming what we’d expected”

Jason Katz, Senior Manager Member Support, Peloton

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self-service platform designed for the modern enterprise.

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Proven Support Strategies to Keep CSAT High

Produced by Solvvy in collaboration with FCR, Shinesty and TaskRabbit, this eBook highlights the importance of user feedback, role of support leaders, characteristics of successful organizations, advantages of intelligent self-service and key support metrics. It also shares the proven methodologies to equip support leaders with the expertise to keep their CSAT high.

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